Monday, January 6, 2014

The most important happenings of the year!

The conflict in Syria.

The choice of Francis pope.

Birth of the royal inheritor in the Great Britain.

The death of Nelson Mandela.

The death of the ex Prime-Minister of the Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher.

The dual mastectomy of Angelina Jolie.

David Beckham gives up football.

The actor Gerard Depardieu gets the Russian nationality.

The death of the actor Paul Walker.

The transformation of Miley Cyrus.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Not only fashion!

One of the most expressive stars, most lively and often the most discussed, the loving life of Rihanna has been unforeseen.

In 2007 she went only in one date, with the naughty boy of Hollywood, Shia Labeouf.

Although there was an attraction between them, close sources declared that it was obvious that if they would continue their relationship, they would finish killing each other in a short time.

After a short romance with the actor Josh Hartnett, Rihanna started a terrible relationship with the R&B singer, Chris Brown.

After 1 year the things worsened when Brown was accused for beating her and this made him to be punished.

After that she started dating with the baseball player, Matt Kemp, and the Canadian rapper Drake.

Then, in the end of January of 2013 Rihanna shocked all the world confirming that she had solved her disagreement with Chris Brown but after endless critics and speculations she discovered that they were broken up again.

Recently, it is said that she is dating again with another ex, nobody else except Drake.