Monday, July 15, 2013

Best comedy movies

They make us laugh, they give us positive energy and make us run in front of the cinema's screens.We always watch comedy movie especially during the summer, passing some beautiful hours. They are movies that don't know age or gender limits. Some of the funniest comedies today that are remembered by all of people are:
Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones
The famous British humor would come in a realization in 2001, in a romance comedy loved in every time. Bridget Jones's Diary is the story of a woman who is displaced to improve her life in her early thirties and she decides to keep a diary.With a good cast of actors like Hugh Grant, Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth this movie would be adored by the public as in 2004 it would come the second episode named Bridget Jones's Diary 2 .
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My big, fat, Greek wedding
Movies in pics: Photo | via Tumblr
Balkan's humor and atmosphere made this movie to be rated in the first place of Box Office. More than 221 million dollars earned. The subject tells the story of Toula Portokalos, a greek girl that lives in America together with a big family full of children and customs. She gets to know with a greek boy and her decision  to marry would bring not a few comic situations.
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Coming to America
BLACKFASHION | The only “Royal Wedding” I ever cared about.
Coming to America, a production of the 1988's under the excellent  interpretation of Eddie Murphy. All of us have been entertained by the quotations and the comic situations of the african prince who before getting marry travels with his friend toward America. Coming in the cinema's screens during the summer it had a great success all over the world reaching 128 million dollars.
2006 brought in the cinema Borat' comedy directed and interpreted by the British actor  Sasha Baron Cohen. A comedy that caused a lot of controversies but also comic situations. The fable tells Borat Sagdiev,a journalist from Kazakhistan that goes in a journey to discover America. The special of the movie is that a part of the interviews and appointments are with real people that think that he is foreign and don't understand a thing from American's customs.
Just go with it
 « Just go with it «
With the actors Adam Sandler and Jeniffer Aniston, Just go with it would be considered as one of the best comedies of 2011. The subject tells for a irreparable bachelor, a plastic doctor who asks his assistant Jeniffer Aniston to make as his ex wife so that he will be engaged with his dream girl.
I'm a witch
The Hangover
The Hangover.
The saga of the comedy the Hangover would be started in the summer of the 2009 where all the fans of comedy would run to watch a funny movie. The story of the 4 friends that are leaving for Las Vegas to celebrate the bachelor party of one of them would be transformed in a world phenomena. With the earnings of  467 million dollars this comedy would be rated as one of the best movies of the year. After this success would come 2 more editions The Hangover 2 and the third episode which in June of the year 2013 has had the world premiere.
the hangover part 2
Annie Hall
∞ Lovelies ∞ | via Tumblr
Annie Hall is a brilliant comedy of the year 1997 written and directed by Woody Allen. He by himself in this movie interprets the role of a comedian that wants to know why his relationship with Annie Hall has finished a year ago.


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  7. This is very nice post. Thanks for sharing. I think comedy movies plays a very important role in our daily life. This type of movies make us laugh and keep our mind fresh.

  8. Definitely agree with those choices! another one you should try watching is 'Just Married'! please check out my blog if you have a spare moment... thanks! :) x

  9. Nice collection!! This is really a great blog mentioned all my favorite movies; I liked Hangover more and watched so many times. These all are my best funny movies and I love to watch again and again.

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