Monday, July 29, 2013

Anti-stress practices around the world

This period of time that we are passing through, the fast rhythm of life and technology is the subject in every field.

 Stress is thought as the most usual phenomena that is accompanying the life of every person.
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Although stress is known as one of the best factors in the growth of focus, in high doses it is turned into something very dangerous for our health. This way it would be one of the most serious factors that threaten the people's lives, the relationsheep with the others and the quality of the life.

But which are some of the traditional factors that cause stress?

The factors are different but one of the mos important is the work.

According to Regus group 6 of 10 people result to be stressed.

China, the place with a great economic development is also the place with the highest level of stress caused in the work. There is resulted that more than 86% of the workers suffer from stress.

In Sweden since the 1700's is applied a simple way for preventing stress.

In 10 am and 3 pm, workers are away from their office together with a friend of them to taste a cup of coffee and a dessert.

This tradition is called fika. Anyway if you think that leaving from your office would make you less productive, don't worry.

According to a study made in 2009 if along the day we are together with our colleges our fruitfulness in grown with 10 or 15%.

And BE CAREFUL! Don't eat in front of the computer because this makes you to eat more and taste less.

In India the benefits of the head massages are known for thousand of years.

This actions affect in growth of focus and remove stress. Head massages help lymphatic system and relieve migraine.
One of the customs of the asiatic people is the removal of their shoes when they get in home. In Asia this custom is also practiced before the people enter in their office.

Instead of their shoes that are placed outside their office or in special closet,  japanese (mostly the women) wear slippers.

It is proved that with the replacement of the high heels with these soft slipper, people work more focused in their work and they also prevent the creation of varicose and feet's pain. When we think of the period of time that we spent in work we can say that these slippers are an ivestment for our health.


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