Sunday, December 22, 2013

The atmosphere and the decor of Christmas

The beautiful season of celebrations can't be thought without the presents.

Their meaning multiplies the magic of the celebrations.

Now I'll suggest you a nice list of ideas for the presents that you can give to your lovers, relatives, friends or colleges.

A porcelain set to multiple the pleasure of the conversations.

Fragrant red festive candles.

For them who want relax, a day of SPA would be the perfect present.

Red underwear for girls or for boys.

Food basket, which you can compose with your fantasy.

A wristwatch for a memory that last in every tic-tac of hers.

If your lover prefers technology choose a Hi-tech present.

Subscription for a year for her favorite magazine.

A set of pajamas or a set of towels with festive designs.

An original thought for your relatives are also the house slippers.

Another idea is the beauty set for more welfare.

A set of champagne glasses to make the celebration more charming.

Saving banks, encourage somebody to collect money for his dream holidays.

Scarf and gloves to offer more warmth.

A personalized lamp-shade.

A keys pendant, why not with his horoscope sign.

Festive covers for smartphones.

2 tickets to escape in a short journey with your partner.

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